Russian compatriots in Belgium noted

On Sunday March 27 a number of Russian-speaking Belgian unions have organized the celebration of Nowruz in Brussels. Combined single desire to find in folk traditions of spring and the beginning of the New Year in the capital, attended by more than one hundred representatives of different nationalities: the Tatars and Bashkirs, Kazakhs and Kirghiz, Uzbeks and Tajiks, Uighurs and others.

The celebration began with a warm word blagoslovitelnogo Rose Habibullina ups and presentations about historical homeland and history of Navruz, prepared by the word "Tartars in Belgium" and ABK ARMAN. Guests were treated to not only delicious food but also to their attention were presented to the exhibition of souvenirs, photographs, books, traditional kitchen utensils. Moreover, he immediately demonstrated the use of one of the exhibits - a huge cauldron: it Aydar Samatov and Alisher Alibaev as chief cook of the Tatar group, and prepared for all the wonderful pilaf. Only a strong man's hands can hold huge wooden spoons that stirred deep in indegrienty pilaf cauldron.

Nowruz is known, loved and respected in Tatarstan, Bashkortstane, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and even in India and China. Now, as the Russian-speaking compatriots plan, it will be observed in Belgium. Since last year, has acquired the status of the International Nowruz celebration in 2009 is recognized as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO and included in the Representative List, along with the other 76 elements around the world. The leader of the Union "Tatars in Belgium," Regina Valeeva stressed in his speech that "this is our national holiday of friendship and unity, our good legacy".

Distribution of Nowruz in the world is very wide. Every nation in this case has its own traditions, in different ways and write the word "Nowruz". But the essence and the roots of his octayutcya the same: all must be well fed and healthy, and then the year will be prosperous and fruitful. For all the peoples of our land Welfare represents the rich table in a peaceful home. Therefore, those who are celebrating Nowruz, try to start the year with a rich diverse food. Round cakes of different grains, golden hue baursaks, honey cake Uzbek, Kazakh kazoo of the horse, the air swirling kosh-body scale size beds Tatar chak chak-- all these goodies as the most important elements of the abundant table created in Brussels, welcoming atmosphere at home.

Despite the fact that many of the participants speak in Russian, were understood by each other was the question that sounded at the sister languages ​​of the former Soviet Union. Congratulations counselor of the Embassy of Kazakhstan Serik Ospanov many were clear and without translation. Together with the good wishes he had conveyed to the participants thought that the Nowruz, symbolizing the warmth and beauty, united not only by Turkic-speaking ethnic groups, peoples of Asia, but also anyone interested in culture and traditions, as well as able to appreciate the good relationship. And indeed, on this day at the festival can be found not only the Russian-speaking compatriots, but also indigenous Belgians, who with great looked ready to learn and understand a different culture. For Ingrid Suttels, for example, Nowruz was a revelation. As a true Belgian kulinarka she studied in detail and the technology of preparation of the Uzbek pilaf, aesthetics Tatar dessert dishes.

Nowruz - one of the few drevnix folklore heritage, which until now has kept all the flavor svoeobpaznyh ceremonies. Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic Kyrgyzskoy of the Kingdom of Belgium Turganbaev Tolon said that he gives opportunity for representatives of the Turkic-speaking diaspora Belgium to meet with one dastarkhan and remember the legacy of their ancestors.

Chairman of the Belgian Association of Peoples of Kazakhstan "Arman" Aynur Kasenova accentuated that the main aim of the event - to gather people having common traditions, so they while away from home, were able to pay tribute to their customs and culture, as well as communicate with their compatriots. Indeed, the friendly chat over a cup of tea with national delicacies intertwined in this day folk songs and dances. The Tatar Group created a mood of its folklore songs. And sometimes it does not distinguish - where the performance itself, and where the mass dances in the style of Eppipe. The main movement of the national dances, received in his youth or childhood at home is not lost with years. His sincerity splashing with great generosity to the growth of emotion, his incendiary knows no bounds.

The tradition of celebrating the "new day" (literally translated as the word "Nowruz") has more than three millennia. Usually it is celebrated the day of the vernal equinox when the sun is in the constellation Aries. In ancient times to the whole world was created at the moment of sunrise from the head of Aries, because in this time there was separation of light from darkness, day from night, good from evil. With the advent of spring begins the eastern New Year. Updated nature and all its elements: in the beginning of the air is warmed, then - the water, and then animated the earth, and, finally, trees and vegetation. Agricultural Belgium by the way, in these days has started to prepare the soil for spring planting. Calendar of field works in much the same concerns with agricultural peoples of Central Asia and Asia Minor. As is known, Nowruz - the beginning of the new year with the farmers, who for centuries are the main breadwinners. In the colorful ancient traditions we can see the logic and rationality of our ancestors: Nowruz gives the start field work, Saban-Tui marks completing its sowing, Harvest Day, which has different names in different ethnic groups, summarizes the results. The most important celebration of life associated with agricultural production, each cycle is recognized as a solemn contract with Nature. Nowruz - in other words a blessing farmer.

The main organizers of the festival were made by the LHC ARMAN, Harmony ARB, the Association of Almaty, the federation of progressive organize the CDF, the word "Tartars in Belgium."