There is another Nowruz, celebrated not know the first day of Farvardin (the first month of the solar reckoning), and on the sixth day of the month. On this day, the king sat on the throne of Jamshid, and invited the entire Iranian know. He declared that this day is celebrated the holiday of peace and sovorenie should sopustvova indispensable moliva and purification. It is a festival on the sixth day of Farvardin is called "Navruz nobility.

Famous Persian poet Omar Khayyam belongs to a small treatise, entitled "Nowruz-name" (Book of Navruz). It explains the reasons in support of the Kings during the celebration of Nowruz to different and sometimes unexpected realities. First, the author tells of an ancient custom of the Iranian kings. On the day of Nowruz to the king's palace came the high priest with ritual gifts: a golden goblet filled with wine, ring, dirham, dinar king, the sheaf of germs of barley, sword, bow and arrows, ink and pen. The treatise is devoted to a detailed explanation of Khayyam each attribute, the king's celebration of Nowruz. We shall dwell only on some of them.

A very high value on that day prepodnosimogo ring. He - a sign of ownership of the world. According to legend, brought this sign is referred to Jamshid. The ring is also the subject of divination. In the treatise is a legend of an ancient king, who once got in the ring arm. No one could tell where she arrived, and the interpreter were afraid to tell the king about the meaning of signs. After some time the king died, and what has been the existence of his powerful dynasty.

The king Jamshid is also credited with the introduction as one of the symbols of Nowruz sword. The sword is like a plow, paving the first furrow. It is associated with blood, but a very remarkable way. Because the sword is a weapon, marking the bravery and courage is the quality of nature and placed it in the liver, which produces blood, it stirs up the blood and courage, respectively control the sword. Do not forget this when the color of blood, his favorite red Nowruz.

The author concludes his treatise on the rules and the meaning of the holiday reasoning about the properties of a handsome face. The most beautiful, fun and joyous holiday, and shall comply with the beautiful faces of the participants - in fact the world is created in harmony and balance. In the treatise says, "This world is only a set balance, he thrives on it." A Nowruz - holiday cosmic balance, a balance of all forces of nature, "when they meet and live together past, present and future, when the festival switches to labor and the dried leaves of the trees grows. Then they drink wine, sing songs, tell fortunes for the future, commemorate the ancestors and descendants conceive. "