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Teaching materials.

In this section to your attantion are submitted:

  • Programms of training - according to which training in our school is conducted.
  • On-line lessons - you can be trained in on-line mode in various subjects (this section is in the stage of development, so that there are very few lessons meanwhile).
  • Articles - various articles about computers, programming, web-design and computer technologies. If you have an interesting article, you con send it ti us and we shall publish it in this section.
  • Tests - you can check up the knowledge on various disciplines.
  • Dictionary - Sharipov T. dictionary of computer terms. First on-line dictionary in Tajnet’e. It is possible to translate any computer term from Russian, Tajik and English languages to any of these languages. The dictionary contains 5300 terms.
  • Library - in our electronic library the more interesting and usefull books on programming and computer technologies are submitted. In it’s majority books have small volume and that’s why it is easy enough to copy them. If you search for any certain book which did not appear on our site, come on a forum and we’ll help you to find it.

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The worm – the program, created to work on several computers to copy itself from the machine in the machine and there to start. For the first time the term "worn" was used in 1975 in science fiction.
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